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Love your liver Awareness Month!!
Posted on 6th January 2014

This month is all about looking after your liver! There are many ways to help maintain the condition of your liver and make sure you don’t get permanent liver damage. Here are a few for you to have a think about.

  • Take time out from daily alcohol intake 2-3 days will give your liver some much needed rest; the liver can take up to 24 hours to go back to normal providing there is no liver damage.
  • If your feeling constantly tired go to your GP, this can be an indication that you might have some liver damage ask for a liver function test.
  • Staying healthy, eating well and exercising regularly can cut down the risks of developing liver damage.

These are just a few things you can do to prevent any damage to a very vital organ. For more information and the many ways you can help raise awareness for love your liver month please visit:


Movember And Sons!
Posted on 1st November 2012

If you don’t already know today is the start of Movember month..that’s right get them Moustaches growing guys. The Importance of Movember is to raise awareness for Men’s Health with Prostate Cancer and Testicular Cancer Being one of the many Health Problems which are affecting many men everyday.

However it’s not all about the men though a mo sista can join in to, by simply supporting the Mo bro with committing to raise awareness for men’s health it doesn’t matter whether you’re a colleague or a friend you can still help.

For more information Visit http://uk.movember.com/?home

Why not Join the Campaign for raising awareness for Men’s Health!!